The Story of Uncle Bean

Mae Hong Son is a city of mountains, whereas the forests are rich in purity of water and air. Geographically, the land is 500 meters above sea level, thus resulting in a variety of nuts that are cultivated in a natural way, making it taste good, fresh, and durable.

Uncle Bean is an innovative development of local products derived from the folk wisdom in Mae Hong Son to being an international standard product.  The idea is supported by the Food Institute, Ministry of Industry under the project to create economic value for the food industry and building trust.

Thailand Food Forward provides value in order to create assurance in Thai food with regards to safety, quality and production standards.  The idea is also to create consumer awareness about the identity of Thai food and culture by giving an international recognition and impression.

In order to support the Mae Hong Son farmworkers, Uncle Bean has brought many varieties of beans grown in the area to be roasted with local wisdom that is free from various synthetic materials. The procedure makes these beans have a harmonious flavor as if the aroma is being roasted from the kitchen at home.  The beans are mixed with dehydrated fruits to add flavor.

“Why must Uncle Bean be roasted and not fried?”

Mae Hong Son has a special variety of peanuts that are sweet and smooth in taste. The taste is different from ordinary peanuts.

Grown in higher than 800 meters above sea level, with a natural way, the tiger grain is made with a sweet taste, which is a unique selection of seeds that are completely roasted with iodine salt according to local wisdom. With the frame of the shell blended in the soft salt of the sea, the fragrance of this roasting is long lasting when eaten.

There is a complete selection of seeds and contamination is grilled meticulously, without adding any flavoring.

In the case of mixed nuts, we choose to use the highest quality of dehydrated fruits from factories that have production standards for exportation.

With a special container, it is possible to retain freshness of freshly roasted beans by chasing oxygen gas from the container with nitrogen gas and re-inserting oxygen absorption material. To ensure that the air in cans is less than 1% or zero, the fungus and Aerobic Micro Organism type bacteria will die or do not grow, such as Aspergillus Flavus, to the toxic substances Aflatoxin in the beans.

Safety is important to closing the lid with a special foil, allowing no sharp material to be exposed when opening the lid, thus making one fully enjoy the snack.

It can be collected for up to 1 year due to the filling and preservation of the product life, but in practice, we set only 270 days to ensure freshness in a timely way to ensure freshness at all times.
There are several options to increase the choice of the flavors that has been permitted by the FDA both in production and manufacturing courses, Codex (Good Manufacturing Practice) from the Food Institution of the Industrial Ministry.

In summary: The aspects of Uncle Bean are as followed.

Using a good variety of natural beans from Mae Hong Son

Roasted Salt with folk wisdom gives it the fragrant.  Invite others to have a taste ... roasted ... not fried ... low in sodium

Different flavors of various nuts and dried fruit ingredients ... different flavors are enticing

Exquisite containers with high quality maintain value for a long time…it’s quite appealing, come buy one.

The size of 125 and 95 grams is the perfect size, so it is not necessary to keep it for a long time after opening, which would quickly cause deterioration in quality.

The container focuses on the safety of opening the lid for use and eating without getting your hands cut.... it’s easy to open and relaxing for consumption.